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Best power bank to buy

Mi – 20000 mAh Power Bank  (White, Lithium-ion)

You can now charge your smart device and digital camera or handheld gaming device simultaneously while travelling with this 20000 mAh portable power bank from Mi, since it comes with dual USB ports. The nine layers of circuit chip protection safeguard your device against short circuits, overcharge and many other such electrical issues. Its anti-slip surface provides a better grip. To top it off, this power bank, with its USB Type-C connectivity, can also charge your MacBook.  VISIT HERE TO BUY 

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Why to buy this Mi – 20000 mAh Power Bank  (White, Lithium-ion)

1. Massive Charging Capacity

Featuring a 20000 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery and dual charging ports, this power bank is perfect to keep two of your smart devices powered simultaneously during long trips. Thanks to the control chip that has been made by Texas Instruments, this power bank facilitates fast charging, taking just up to three hours to charge a 11000 mAh battery. Not only that, it can charge your devices up to 44% faster than two 10000 mAh power banks. BUY NOW

2. Design

This power bank is up to 18% lighter than two standard 10000 mAh Mi power banks put together, making it portable. Its high-quality PC + ABS plastic casing is resistant to scratches, sturdy and environment-friendly. It features an anti-slip pattern on its surface to provide a better grip even when you are on-the-move. It is also heat-resistant, making it more comfortable to hold it in your hands while you are charging your devices on the go. BUY NOW

3. Compatibility

This power bank features two USB outputs that discharge power at 5.1 V/3.6 A for high-speed charging of a host of devices, such as tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, handheld gaming devices and MacBooks. It is compatible with devices from many reputed brands, such as Mi, Samsung, HTC, Apple, Blackberry and Google. To top it off, this power bank automatically adjusts its output level depending on the device that’s connected to it. BUY NOW


4.Powerful Enough to Charge a MacBook

This 20000 mAh power bank from Mi, with its USB Type-C connectivity, can also be used to charge your MacBook.

5.Nine-layer Circuit Chip Protection System

This power bank comes with charging/discharging chips and USB smart-control chips that offer nine layers of circuit chip protection. The circuit chip protection system comes with features, such as temperature resistance, short-circuit protection, input over-voltage protection, automatic charger protection, protection from output overcurrent, protection from overcharge and over-discharge, and reset mechanism. Not only that, the chips also improve the charging conversion rate and stabilize voltage discharge with resistance-capacitance sensors, making the device more efficient and durable. BUY NOW

6. Charging Cable

The high-quality, 318-mm-long charging cable of this power bank can be used to, both, transfer data and charge devices. It features a flat design, making it tangle-free. The soft and durable sheath of this cable is made of TPE, which is, both, non-toxic and easy-to-clean. BUY NOW